Label Tags and Usability

Occasionally when working with nonprofits the topic of usability will come up in regards to the website.  Usability is something that should be at the forefront of designer’s minds when building applications. There are a number of great resources on the topic from Web Aim among others.

I cover usability for about a week in my introductory web design course but it could easily be an entire course.  This recently created screen-cast demonstrates using label tags.  Label tags are used to create more usable HTML form inputs.  The screen-cast was created using the Scrimba screen-cast tool.

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New Screencast/Tutorial Tool

I recently came across a new tool for watching and creating tutorials, Scrimba.  The site has many useful tutorials for front end developers.  The tutorial series on CSS Grid and Flexbox are great.  These layout formats represent the future and any aspiring designer/developer should know the basics.  The code editor allows you to manipulate the code directly within the video without the need to open an external editor.  You can connect your Github account to authenticate and start watching for free.

Users can use Scrimba to create their own tutorials.  As an instructor I create many screen-casts and found the tool to be easy-to-use and develop with.  My CSS Flexbox tutorial is currently featured on the homepage.  Check it out!

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Nonprof-IT Video

My students continue to make me look good...  Excellent work Monique and Justin.  Proud to say that they were both offered jobs before graduation last spring.

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Nonprof-IT Tedx Talk

The talk I gave last year at the UW-Milwaukee Tedx Event discussing the Nonprof-IT program I co-founded.

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nonprofIT Grant

So pleased to announce that the nonprofIT program that I run at UWM has received a grant to expand our services.  This will allow for more nonprofits in greater Milwaukee to receive the technical assistance they need to further their missions.  This also creates more opportunities for students to gain experience outside of the classroom leading to internships and full time jobs upon graduation.  Read more details from this news release.

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NonprofIT Student Showcase

As a culmination to the 4 student projects of the spring semester NonprofIT held our first ever showcase event on May 4th.  Student teams presented the websites they have created over the past 4 months to the community.

Thanks to all the hard work of the students throughout the semester , their mentors from the business community for assisting them and attending the event, and UWM Chancellor Mone for attending and giving the closing remarks. Check out some pictures from the event.  To see examples of all current and past NonprofIT projects visit the projects portion of the website.

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NonprofIT in UWM Research Report


Article from the 2016 UWM Research Report highlighting the NonprofIT program. It has been a great ride to see the program grow from where it was in the beginning to start to be able to see some of the organizations and students we work with  get recognized for their hard work in the community.

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